I want to tell you about a Fabulous Baker !  

Her name is:  Becky  Hart
                      413 S. 32nd St.
                      *she is 4 houses south of the Prince of Peace
                        Lutheran Church on Broadway.
Phone 244-0515
e-mail:   bhart48@sbcglobal.net

Website:  http://hartgifts4u.com  - *see her beautiful desserts

I had one of her delicious layer cakes this weekend !  
It was so good and highly recommend you try her out.
I had a 9 inch white layer cake decorated with Pink
Roses for a friend's 80th birthday.  It served 25 large
pieces for $25.00.  I know that sounds high, but
just think- that's only $1.00 per piece.  What do we
pay for desserts in restaurants that are not as
fresh and beautiful as Becky's cakes. $3 -$5.
Her cakes are so professional looking and delicious.
I'm already checking my calendar for the next cake I'm
going to need !!

Happy Valentines Day !